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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Surf Sting by Linda Cuy

The Surf Sting
By Linda Cuy

     Book reviews have never been a part of my blogs. But… that was all about to change, as I got further, and further into reading the “Surf Sting” by Linda Cuy. Thoughts, and comments filled my mind as I contemplated this fantastically intriguing, hair-raising tale of two men, a wonderfully spirited, and attractive young lady, and a cast of quirky, colorful characters that all played fascinating roles as the three main characters crisscrossed, traipsed, and circumvented the globe numerous times all the while running from the law, running from themselves, and running from each other. What a ride, what a read, what a story! Special thanks to my good friend Ira for recommending this book, otherwise, I would’ve missed out on meeting this extraordinary group of people. I would’ve missed out on being a part of their lives, their travels, and their journeys – thanks Ira


     The twists and turns of this true story began with Linda Cuy pursuing the illusive, and mysterious Mickey Dora with all of her heart, with all of her mind, and with all of her soul. Mickey was, and still is, revered as one of the greatest surfers to ever hit the waves of Malibu. He had movie star qualities, leading man looks, a magnetic, and engaging personality, classic cars, and a wardrobe that rivaled those of Hollywood’s finest fashionistas.
     The Surf Sting is a true account of Linda Cuy’s relationship between herself, Mickey Dora (da Cat), and Don Wilson (The Pirate Captain).  The story begins with Linda as a young teenager during the early 1960’s. Linda struggled to make sense of the lifestyles of Mickey and the Pirate Captain. Neither one of the men were interested in settling down, and they both needed quite a bit of money to support their ambitions which included world travel, full time surfing, and attending any, and all soirees that served only the finest of foods, and the most extravagant wines.
     Having spent her childhood in Southern California; Linda was a bit naïve, but yet quite curious about the lifestyle of Mickey, and his friends. The curiosity almost killed the cat, but not quite. She was about to be catapulted into an incredible new, and challenging world full of adventure, capers, stings, run ins with the law, seedy characters, frustrated FBI agents, rival girl friends, and a few heartfelt characters that saved her life.

Food For Thought

     The Surf Sting is a great read from the first to the last page. It’s characters are engaging, loveable, frustrating, smart, funny, compassionate, selfish, patronizing, mean at times, stingy, thrifty, wasteful, charitable, and giving. They were downright dishonest one minute, and good Samaritans the next.
     I must admit that there were times when I felt a little guilty for liking these characters. As I began to think about this dilemma I was reminded that we all have struggles in our lives. These three were determined to achieve a particular life style, but their journeys were not executed in a straight, neat and tidy manner.

     Their road to success was full of potholes, trap doors, unexpected twists, and turns, dark days, dark nights, depression, and sorrow. But, they also experienced great triumphs, unbelievable sunsets all across the globe that most of us will only dream of. They experienced great love lost, and great love gained. Their toes touched the tips of hell’s fire, while their bodies and souls were kissed by the halos of heaven.

Until Next Time, Surf It Mellow My Brothers and Sisters - The MD

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